House in Rio Patra - immagine 1
House in Rio Patra - immagine 2
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House in Rio Patra

Greece, 2008

Project 2
With Davide Macullo Architect

A house in Patra on the coast facing a tremendous sunset that fills everyone soul is a unique theme to develop surrounded by ancestral memories of a infinite history. Not more than a primary organic shape as a shell could go further back in the time. A kind of fossile that emerges from the natural beauty of the greek landscape beside the wildness of the recent urbanisation that do not recall to any dialogue. The shell opens itself towards the sea and the sunset and the layout of the internal spaces considers the outdoor spaces as a continuation of the internal live. The aim is to strech the feeling of the sea and led it flow into the domestic scale through a series of different conditions: water, green paved outdoor areas and patio. The bedrooms in the lower part of the shell and the living spaces in the heart of the spiral around the open patio that filters the view between those spaces to increase the perception of it. Large covered areas ensure shadowed spaces protecting the transparent parts of the house and leave the sun penetrating the indoor spaces in winter.