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Spotorno (Savona) - Italy, 2005

Project 1
With Davide Macullo Architect

Spotorno is a cosy, typical village on the western Riviera in Liguria. It displays clean spaces of extraordinary beauty. A healthy climate is granted by its position in the gulf, between the green of the hills and the blue of the sea. These favourable conditions stimulated the investors to increase and improve the tourist attractions.
The project for the realization of a new thalassotherapy centre arose out of this context, focusing on the wellness tourism already present in Liguria.
The new volume will rise opposite the sea, on the borders of Spotorno, a kind of contemporary rampart along the ancient Via Aurelia. The construction clear geometry, with the cuspidation clad with metal-pierced bands, sets itself as a filter between the sea and the city, the old and the new.