Villa Sottocasa - immagine 1
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Villa Sottocasa

Vimercate (Milano) - Italy, 2008

With Davide Macullo Architect

Among the historical treasures in Italy, for sure the small historical towns are precious milestones. The historical centre of Vimercate (Milano suburban area) is marked by interesting and beautiful ancient buildings as well as historical parks. Set at the northern corner of the "central park" this new volume belongs to the reconversion of an ancient villa (XIX cent.) into a cultural complex related to the university. Being a volume set inside the massive belt of the park we opted to keep it transparent as a kind of filter to bring the people into the park. The steel structure is filled with glass and has a curtain of brises-soleil in terracotta modelled in a light prismatic shape that recalls the materials as well as the shake of the traditional buildings of the region.